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How Tech Giants Enable ‘Stalkerware’ Software Sold to Abusive Partners

Spyware to spy on romantic partners is a booming industry, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum.
VICE Staff

The Psychology Behind Stalking

It’s comforting to believe that we can easily spot a stalker. But people who engage in stalking actually vary far more widely that you'd expect.
Christine Ro
domestic violence

How Much Protection Do Protective Orders Provide?

Leaving a relationship can be extremely dangerous for domestic abuse victims. Domestic violence protective orders are intended to help women during this time—but advocates say the current system can also make them vulnerable to further abuse.
Kimberly Lawson

Jeff Sessions Could Determine the Fate of Countless Abused Women. We Should Be Terrified

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to take domestic abuse off the list of reasons for allowing asylum in the US. In doing so, he would send untold numbers of women back to their abusers.
Chris Gelardi

These 9 Politicians Have Resigned for Sexual Misconduct in the Wake of #MeToo

Eric Schneiderman isn't nearly the first.
Leila Ettachfini

This State Made It Easier for Judges to Keep Domestic Abusers Off the Street

A seemingly obscure rule change in Arizona last week could help reshape how "lethality assessments" are used across America.
Sonja Sharp
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What It's Like Running an Underfunded Domestic Violence Shelter

"We have to turn women away every day, which is like the worst feeling in the world.”
Stephanie Soh

A Grisly New Year's Killing Shows How Little We Know About Murder-Suicides

After a 26-year-old mother was stabbed to death and her husband found hanging from a tree, experts and advocates pointed to glaring cracks in the system.
Sonja Sharp
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How Closing the 'Boyfriend Loophole' in Gun Laws Could Save Lives

Ninety-three percent of women killed by men in 2015 were murdered by someone they knew, and the most common weapon was a gun. But advocates say the ban that prevents convicted domestic violence abusers from purchasing guns doesn't go far enough.
Kimberly Lawson

'We Bring It on Ourselves': The Myths Silencing LGBTQ Sexual Assault Victims

If you're trans or queer, you're more likely to experience sexual assault or rape than cisgender or straight people. Experts say discussion of the problem is lacking—and certain myths about LGBTQ assault are to blame.
Steven Blum
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Inside the First Men-Only Domestic Violence Shelter in Texas

"The more that we can come to terms as society about domestic violence, the more men who are being victimized will be willing to come forward."
Annamarya Scaccia

Domestic Violence Services Need to Accommodate Trans People

They're not just at higher risk; the risks they face are unique.
Laila Tyack