In the Future, Your Watch Will Tell You if You’re Wasted

A wearable that measures your drunkenness sounds embarrassing, but so does finding out the hard way (puking on the street).


A New Hangover Pill Appears to Work in Drunk Mice

The treatment cut blood alcohol levels by nearly half in just four hours.


Your Phone Can Now Narc On You When You're Drunk

There are at least two dead giveaways.


The More Straight People Drink, the More They're Into Gay Sex

Beer goggles apparently make us interested in just about everyone.


Spada Synthesizes Addicting Piano House out of Max Frost's "Withdrawal"

Atlantic Records will release 'Withdrawal Remixes' this Friday.


A Drunken Escapade by Bros in Death Valley May Have Killed a Tiny Endangered Fish

The shotgun-wielding intruders left beer cans, a pair of boxer shorts, and a pool of vomit — and the US National Parks Service has issued an award for anyone who helps find the perpetrators.


A New Poll of Police and Ambulance Staff Shows Why the UK Can't Be Trusted to Drink Responsibly

Around 35 percent of ambulance journeys are somehow related to alcohol.


Photos from an Apocalyptic St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia

The screaming wakes you up by 8:30, you have your first drink by 9:30, and you're hammered by noon.


OK, So I Have a Drinking Problem

I drink until there is nothing left to drink, and then I often drink some more. I can go for days without food in my apartment, but I can't stand the thought of existing in a dry household.


Can Science Find a Safe Replacement for Alcohol?

When it comes to legal intoxicants, alcohol is still the only game in town. But with a massive pharmacopeia and scientific infrastructure at our disposal, that makes pretty much zero sense.