This Device Zaps Water With Electricity to Make It Drinkable

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Partying With Dr. NakaMats, the World's Most Prolific Inventor

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This Japanese Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With the Sounds of Breakfast

The Jikkalarm is an elaborate alarm clock that, at the designated time, will begin to mechanically chop away on the cutting board and blow mist over a faux bowl of miso soup in the direction of the sleeper, presumably to emulate the steaming hot broth...


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This Guy Invented a Special Lock to Stop People Stealing His Nutella

A German furniture and fittings specialist has invented a “Nutella Lock” that fits onto jars and prevents flatmates, children, or any other morally bankrupt subspecies from accessing your hazelnut spread.


This Man Hopes His Peanut Sheller Can End World Hunger

When Jock Brandis noticed that women in Africa had bloodied fingers from hours of laborious peanut-shelling, he visualized a solution. And it worked.


This Jet-Powered Go-Kart Is Basically Mario Kart IRL

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The Pizza Condom Designer Thinks Her Creation Is Absolutely Disgusting

Marina Malygina is a Moscow-based designer who has invented a condom that looks and smells like piping hot cheese pizza. It even comes in its own tiny delivery box. I spoke with her about what inspired her to to invent this, and why she thinks it's...


THUMPday Playlist: Ferry Corsten, SOPHIE, Little Boots, Mr Tophat, and More!

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How I Became a Bionic Chef

I was out hiking in bat country, investigating a bear carcass when I got hit by 2,400 volts of live current from a power source that was on the ground hidden by all the fur.