ipad mini

    • 11.15.12

      Thousands of iPad Minis Were Stolen from the Airport Hangar in Goodfellas

      If your'e going to steal an iPad, do it right. Don't gank one of an unsuspecting subway passenger or stash it in your pants before sprinting out of an Apple store. Go to the airport hangar where the expensive little devices are kept after they arrive...

    • 10.24.12

      With the iPad Mini, Tim Cook Has Rebuilt Apple in His Image

      “Make no mistake about it. This is the year for Windows,” Steve Ballmer "said in New York in September":http://www.forbes.com/sites/connieguglielmo/2012/09/05/microsofts-ballmer-touts-the-year-for-windows-says-its-greatest-opportunity-for-developers...