iPhone 6 Plus

Touch Disease

A Class Action Lawsuit Arguing the iPhone 6 Is Defective Has Cleared a Major Legal Hurdle

A judge will determine if Apple waited too long to address 'Touch Disease.'
Jason Koebler

Apple Acknowledges iPhone 'Touch Disease,' Wants You to Pay $149 to Fix It

"Apple should come clean, admit the manufacturing deficiency, and extend their warranty on this issue to 24 months."
Jason Koebler
short circuit

Geniuses: Some Refurbished iPhone 6 Pluses Have Touch Disease New Out of the Box

Apple Store employees say the company's refurbishing process is often failing to correct pervasive touchscreen problems in the iPhone 6 Plus.
Jason Koebler
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The Hell of Owning an iPhone 6 Plus With 'Touch Disease'

Apple continues to pretend that the touchscreens of thousands of iPhone 6 Plus devices are spontaneously breaking due to an engineering flaw.
Jason Koebler
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Geniuses Say Apple Knows About iPhone 6 ‘Touch Disease’, Won't Admit It Publicly

Thousands of iPhone 6 Plus touchscreens are malfunctioning due to an engineering error, but Apple still won't admit publicly that there's a problem.
Jason Koebler

Apple Is Still Ignoring One of the Biggest iPhone Engineering Flaws of All Time

Thousands upon thousands of iPhone 6 Pluses are spontaneously breaking under normal use and are being replaced with devices that have the same design flaw.
Jason Koebler

The Tiny Hands Review of the iPhone SE

A history of smartphone screen sizes.
Adrianne Jeffries
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Your Blurry iPhone 6 Plus Photos Aren’t Your Fault

Apple admits bug with iSight camera, will replace for free.
Nicholas Deleon

My Mother Sent Me an NSFW Clip

The next morning she emailed me "IMG_0087.MOV," a humorous skit about a man on a tram that keeps suddenly stopping, causing him to repeatedly ram his face into the large-breasted woman seated across from him.
Jimmy Chen