Rayka Zehtabchi Is the First Iranian-American Woman to Win an Oscar

“I can’t believe a film about menstruation just won an Oscar."
Terry Nguyen

Slack Bans Iranian Academic Living in Canada Because of Sanctions

An Iranian academic says Slack banned him from the communication platform due to US sanctions. But the academic does not live in Iran; he’s in Canada.
Joseph Cox

Khoresh-e Fesenjan

This fragrant and simple Iranian stew is laced with pomegranate molasses and toasted walnuts, giving it a pleasant sweet and sour flavor.
Farideh Sadeghin
Iran Votes

Iran just held its first election since the nuclear deal

Michael Kalenderian
Parsi Cuisine

Why You’ll Find London’s Best Persian Indian Food in a Cake Shop Basement

Chef Farokh Talati’s day job is at legendary nose-to-tail restaurant St. John, but every month or so he takes over a Soho patisserie to cook the food of his Parsi heritage.
Daisy Meager
Middle Eastern food

These Butchers Are Bringing Middle Eastern Whole-Animal Roasts to LA

Debbie Michail and Alex Jermasek's roving pop-up Logmeh encourages diners to eat with their hands, make new friends, and experience cuisines that are frequently undervalued in the West.
Hillary Eaton

The Rare and Horrifying Instances of Refugees from First World Countries

The United States almost never grants asylum to citizens of EU countries, but in a select few cases, people have fled violations of their human rights in Europe.
Meredith Hoffman

A Letter Signed by 600 Detainees on Manus Island Pleads for Their Assisted Suicide

I asked its author what the hell is going on over there.
Chris Shearer

Iran’s Fake KFC Was Shut Down in Less Than a Day

Forget about nuclear disarmament. We need to get some people working on America’s fast food presence in Iran, ASAP.
Alex Swerdloff
Persian food

This Woman’s Living Room Is Kuala Lumpur’s Best Persian Restaurant

After posting online and consulting with friends on the city’s best Persian food, I find myself in the plainly-decorated apartment of Iranian expat Ainaz Reihani.
Lauren Razavi

We Talked to Filmmaker Desiree Akhavan About Putting More Bisexual Women on Our Screens

The <i>Appropriate Behavior</i> director thinks being bisexual is like having a superpower, and she's using hers to make astute comedy about the difference between the sexes.
Amelia Abraham

The Death of the Prosecutor Who Investigated the 1994 Jewish Center Bombing in Argentina

Here is a timeline of key events related to the mysterious death of Alberto Nisman in Argentina, a case that dredged memories of one of the worst terrorist attacks in Latin American history.
Gaston Cavanagh