Iron Dome


Israel announced airstrikes against Iranian forces in Syria in real time on Twitter

“We have started striking Iranian Quds targets in Syrian territory.”
Tim Hume
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Israel Has Just Destroyed the First Hamas Tunnel Discovered Since the 2014 War

This tunnel — equipped with an air supply system, electricity, and a rail track designed to excavate rubble — was destroyed by the IDF. But the military believe that there are probably more.
Harriet Salem
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The Race Is on for Israel to Finalize Its Tunnel Fighting Technology

Israel is reportedly testing new tunnel-fighting technology which will use sensors to detect hidden activity. Time is of the essence as Hamas is rapidly rebuilding underground.
Harriet Salem
defense & security

Newest Trend for Israeli Drone Industry: Shooting Them Down

The recent Autonomous Unmanned Systems & Robotics conference held in Israel featured a variety of technologies designed to identify and take out unmanned aerial vehicles.
Daniel Tepper
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Canada Just Bought Israel's Iron Dome Radar Technology

A Canadian Armed Forces spokesperson told VICE News that Canada will station the missile defense system domestically and, potentially, within its Arctic territory.
Ben Makuch
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Just Because This Military Laser Can Burn a Hole in a Ford F-150 Doesn't Mean It Should

Despite its recent eye-catching demonstration on a pickup truck, Lockheed's ATHENA laser is likelier to defend against rockets, artillery, and mortars.
Ryan Faith
Opinion and Analysis

The Excitement Over Israel's Sea-Bound Missile Defense System Is All Wet

The short-range air defense system Iron Dome will be adapted for use by ships — but that will simply make it one of several systems that do what it does.
Ryan Faith

Israel Taps Into US Munitions Supply as it Vows to Escalate Gaza Offensive

The US has allowed Israel to tap into a munitions stockpile to resupply the Israeli military with weapons.
Olivia Becker

VICE News Capsule - Wednesday, July 30

Iran calls for Muslims to arm Palestinians, Serbs reportedly killed for organs in Kosovo War & more.

The Iron Dome Hack Shows Phishing Is Still Effective Against Defense Contractors

Phishing attacks might seem technologically primitive, but they can still work.
Joseph Cox

The IDF Just Deleted Its Own YouTube Video From Its Account

After posting a video about "How the IDF Fights Terror in Gaza," the Israelis quickly pulled it down.
Ben Makuch
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Three More Children Killed in Latest Air Strike on Gaza

A day after four children were killed by shelling on Gaza beach, three more children died today in the latest Israeli airstrike.
Alice Speri