Iron Maiden


‘Valfaris’ Is the Badass Baby of Iron Maiden and Contra. It Rules.

There are some beautiful, grotesque pixels in this game, and it's backed up by an equally fun ride.


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The Canadian throat-singer and punk icon cover the infamous Iron Maiden single, creating a still applicable portrait of issues facing Indigenous communities today.


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The Colloquial Sound Recordings mastermind and dizzyingly prolific "purple metal" musician opens up about his faith, his hubris, and Iron Maiden.


Bruce Dickinson Has No Time for Bullshit

But the iconic Iron Maiden frontman, pilot, and now author of a new autobiography did have time to talk with us about writing, politics, and how much he wishes he could disappear sometimes.


A Brief History of the Trill in Heavy Metal

The stylistic embellishment, most commonly used in classical music, has found a second life on a variety of heavy metal albums.


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Guitarist Gary Peppard tells us all about Bristol band's wild early days, the joy of playing fast, and their new vinyl reissue of 'Power Games.'


The Doomsday Clock Is Now Two Minutes to Midnight

Only Iron Maiden can save us now.


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Inside the making of the documentary of glam icons X Japan.


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We spoke to Game Director Hamish Millar about the process of creating Iron Maiden’s new mobile game.


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Photos of the street party that happened before Iron Maiden's last show in Madrid.