isiah thomas

isiah thomas

Isiah Thomas Holds Up Crying Jordan Sign after Indiana Beats UNC

Thomas and Jordan have a history together from their playing days on the Pistons and Bulls, but Isiah says they are "friendly" now. Sure.
Mike Vorkunov

Celtics' Marcus Smart Fined $5,000 for Absurd Soccer-Style Dive, Isiah Thomas Let Off the Hook for Slap

There was something in the Celtics' water last night.
Liam Daniel Pierce
march madness

Once A Prodigy, Indiana's Yogi Ferrell Is Looking To Build A March Madness Legacy

Yogi Ferrell has been touted as a basketball prodigy since he was in fourth grade. After four years of progress at Indiana, he's aiming to secure his legacy.
Tim Casey
Stephen Curry

By The Numbers, Steph Curry Is Having The Greatest Season In NBA History

Even when compared to past NBA greats like Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, sweet-shooting Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry stands alone.
Kevin Broom
jim dolan

HBO Real Sports Interviews Jim Dolan and Isiah Thomas About Sexual Harassment Suit

Jim Dolan and Isiah talking about the Anucha Browne Sanders sexual harassment lawsuit.
Sean Newell

Does Isiah Thomas Deserve Credit For the New York Liberty's Success?

The Liberty were one of the best teams in the WNBA this season. So why is everyone talking about Isiah Thomas?
Howard Megdal

James Dolan Is Back to Ruin the Knicks and Everything Else

What kind of idiot puts a man convicted of sexual harassment in charge of a WNBA team? A very specific kind of idiot, it turns out. The one that owns the Knicks.
Joseph Flynn
isiah thomas

Listen to Isiah Thomas Lie About His Sexual Harassment Case

Isiah Thomas went on Mike and Mike and started spinning some yarns about his sexual harassment case.
Sean Newell
james dolan

Jim Dolan and the Knicks are the Worst: Vol. ∞

The Knicks hired Isiah Thomas to lead the WNBA's Liberty and defended the hiring by questioning the guilty verdict in the Anucha Brown Sanders sexual harassment case.
Sean Newell