ISIS in Syria


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is still alive and leading ISIS, new propaganda video claims

The videotaped propaganda message, which comes on the heels of the Islamic State losing valuable ground in Syria and Iraq, purportedly​ shows Baghdadi seated among other ISIS militants.


The U.S. coalition claims it killed 180 civilians in the final battle for Raqqa. A new report says it's much worse.

“Did the coalition do all it could’ve and should’ve done? The answer is plainly no.”


Inside the last days of ISIS

“We left charred bodies and destroyed homes behind.”


Military experts say Trump’s sudden Syria withdrawal could create “ISIS 2.0”

“This is going to be an ISIS propaganda video in next few weeks, basically with them declaring victory.”


The U.S. destroyed Raqqa to defeat ISIS. Locals don't know if they'll ever rebuild it

“Raqqa paid the price for the entire world.”


On the front lines of ISIS's last stand in Syria

“They strike at night, and we strike back and kill them.”


Syrian Refugees Are Finally Creating Much Needed Mental Health Support Systems

In one embattled city, nearly 90 percent of depression cases are caused by the war. We can do something to change that.


The U.S. has put itself in an impossible position in Syria

Washington risks losing the little leverage it has to realize other goals it’s talked about but done little to achieve, analysts told VICE News.


We Used Twitter to Find out What ISIS Jihadists Want from Us

Jihadists don’t want money. They don’t want us to release prisoners. So what do they want? I turned to Twitter to find out.


ISIS Stole Some Shiny New Weapons From the Iraqi Army

Six months ago, as it swept into the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah in Iraq, ISIS was looking a lot less triumphant in Syria. Since then, ISIS has rampaged even further into Iraq, enabling them to turn their attention back to Syria, now armed with a...