Emmanuel Macron wants to criminalize anti-Zionism as hate speech

“Behind the negation of Israel’s existence, what is hiding is the hatred of Jews.”
Tim Hume

French jihadi’s girlfriend posted about “infidels” going “to hell” hours before the attack

She is believed to have communicated with the killer via encrypted apps.
Tim Hume

An Islamic university in Indonesia just banned the burqa

“Female students wearing the burqa, and radical groups, they are disturbing the teaching process.”
Tim Hume

A New Exhibit Explores the Art and Identity of Queer Muslims

In 'The Third Muslim,' 15 queer Muslim and Islamic artists explore hard questions surrounding their identities.
Aditi Natasha Kini
Westminster Attack

Two more arrests made as British police focus on Westminster attacker's path to radicalization

Tim Hume

The Turkish Man Who Sells Alcohol in Front of a Mosque

Inside his bar, just before the muezzin’s call for the noon prayer, Umit Dai made himself a fluorescent cocktail and spoke with me about his business’s imminent demise due to the rise of Turkey's conservative Islamist party.
Lorena Rios
Islamic State

Islamic State Burning Jordanian Pilot to Death Has No Basis in Islamic Law, Say Experts

Islamic clerics and legal scholars are condemning the Islamic State on jurisprudence grounds for the gruesome immolation video of Jordanian pilot, Moaz al Kasesbeh.
Samuel Oakford
asia & pacific

First Day of Sydney Siege Inquest Reveals That a Hostage Was Killed by Police Fire

The opening day of the inquest confirmed media rumors that investigators found that fragments from police bullets killed Katrina Dawson, and raised questions about the gunfight that ended the siege.
Scott Mitchell

France's Far-Right Struggles to Maintain a United Front After Paris Attacks

Divisions have erupted inside Marine Le Pen’s National Front party over a video comparing Islam to Nazi Germany and referring to a "fifth column" of extremists inside France.
Pierre Longeray
asia & pacific

Australia's Rebels Motorcycle Gang Rejected the Sydney Siege Gunman for Being Irrational

The erratic character of Man Haron Monis has taken a new turn with revelations he tried to join Australia's biggest outlaw motorcycle gang.
Max Rann
middle east

A Mysterious Twitter Whistleblower Is Trying to Take Down the President of Turkey

An anonymous Twitter user has captivated Turkey with explosive revelations, including the claim that the country's president plotted terrorist-style attacks on civilians to frame his opponents.
Max Rann
Opinion and Analysis

Being Mad About Cartoons Was Not What Motivated the 'Charlie Hebdo' Murderers

The 'Charlie Hebdo' murderers were nothing more than glory seekers. To act as though taking offense at some cartoons was a reason for the killings is to do the work of Islamists for them.
Alaa al-Ameri