Israeli Palestinian conflict


Israel Is Accused of Torturing a Prisoner Until His Ribs Were Broken. Now Palestinians Are Demanding Answers.

“There’s no excuse for it. This is a war crime at the end of the day.”


Trump hails U.S. Embassy move – as dozens of Palestinian protesters are killed

"Congratulations, it's been a long time coming."


The Tenacity of Chef Reem Assil

The Palestinian- and Syrian-American chef opens up about the intense racist backlash she faced when her Oakland bakery opened.


Trump pleasing his base could spark a firestorm in the Middle East

Speculation that Trump will make a major announcement on Jerusalem Wednesday has already sparked a chorus of warnings from U.S. officials and foreign allies that any changes to the status quo will have dramatic consequences in the region.


Photos from Inside a Decade of Protests in Israel and Palestine

A new photobook by photo-activist collective Activestills features ten years of photography documenting tension in Israel and Palestine, including protests the photographers were active in themselves.


​The Restaurant at the Center of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Serves Great Hummus

Ikermawi has served its delicious hummus since 1952, but with tensions flaring over the Old City's holy sites, the restaurant is losing its customers.


How 3G Will Change Palestine

For years Israel banned 3G mobile technology in occupied Palestine, blocking the high-speed data needed for GPS, streaming music, or sending emails on your phone.


JK Rowling's Weird, Nonsensical Claim That Dumbledore Would Have Been Against a Boycott of Israel

Is it really kosher to turn stories you made up yourself into parables about current affairs?


The Bovine Intifada: How 18 Cows Came to Represent Civil Disobedience for One Palestinian Village

The second intifada brings to mind bus bombings and terror acts. The first intifada was somewhat more peaceful, and it involved cows.


A Tech Guy from Detroit Created a Dating App that Matches Israelis with Palestinians

It may not bring about world peace, but Verona hopes to create greater empathy between those on both sides of one of the planet's oldest conflicts.


The Nonviolent Palestinian Activists Working for Peace in the West Bank

Issa Amro wants to teach young Palestinians to peacefully challenge the Israeli occupation and build communities. Can his work overcome decades of violence and strife?


After Surviving a Suicide Bomb, Israeli Artists OMTA Turned Shrapnel Into Art

Israeli artist Omer Golan survived a Palestinian suicide bomb attack in 2000. Since then, he's worked with his wife Tal as the artist duo OMTA.