Why NASA Is Renting the International Space Station for Dirt Cheap

Companies will charge tens of millions of dollars for a single ticket to space, but NASA will see barely any of the money.
Jordan Pearson
2 days ago
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NASA Is Selling Out the International Space Station

The ISS will be open to tourists and commercial manufacturing, NASA leaders announced on Friday at the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York City.
Matthew Gault
International Space Station

Former ISS Executive Charged With Allegedly Expensing Sex Workers to NASA

Charles Resnick, former chief economist for the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), is accused of allegedly defrauding the government and misusing NASA money.
Sarah Emerson
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Sexism Is Not the Reason NASA Called Off the First All-Female Space Walk

“An individual may find that their sizing preferences change in space.”
Becky Ferreira

An Astronaut Accidentally Dialed 911 From the International Space Station

Astronauts, they’re just like us!
Sarah Emerson

Scientists Found Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria In Space

NASA scientists found drug-resistant strains of bacteria in the ISS toilets, but say they pose no threat to the astronauts—for now.
Becky Ferreira

Watch a Spaceship Leave Earth in Stunning ISS Video

“This is real.”
Jordan Pearson
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Elon Musk Smoking a Blunt Reportedly Sparks NASA Safety Review

After smoking a blunt on the Joe Rogan Experience in September, NASA officials ordered a safety review of SpaceX and Boeing.
Caroline Haskins

What Scientists Found Inside the Brains of 10 Russian Cosmonauts

By imaging the brains of cosmonauts before and after their stints on the space station, neuroscientists discovered how microgravity influences the mind.
Becky Ferreira
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US Commercial Space Program in Jeopardy After Botched Launch

After an engine failure this morning, American and Russian administrators are rushing to find the cause of the problem so they can replace the crew of the ISS before 2019.
Caroline Haskins

The International Space Station Just Sprung a Leak

The puncture may have been caused by a micrometeorite.
Becky Ferreira
Death By Reentry

Why Is China Burning Up Its Space Station in the Sky?

Tiangong-1 is on track to destroy itself during reentry within the next month.
Becky Ferreira