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    • 3.7.13

      Bob Mackie Has Dressed Almost Everyone

      In the pantheon of American fashion designers, Bob Mackie stands alone with his singular focus on sequined, bejeweled, and hyperbolic outfits for the world’s most ostentatious personalities. Bob has made clothes for Barbra, Whitney, Michael, and just...

    • 3.6.13

      A Sweatshop of One's Own

      What if the crap-manufacturing industry collapses and all of the indentured servants the US employs there are no longer able to produce cheaply manufactured garments? What atrocities would Americans be forced to wear? To illustrate this predicament, I...

    • 3.5.13

      Herb Ritter

      Photos by Ben Ritter and styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos.

    • 3.1.13

      Because the Night

      Featuring Jamie Bochert. Photos by Samantha Rapp and styling by Cristian Stroble.

    • 2.28.13

      Employees of the Month

      Above all else, James Pogue is looking for a free place to stay, if you know anyone with an apartment he can housesit for the next few years. His essays and journalism have appeared in 'n+1,' the 'Oxford American,' and the 'New Yorker.'

    • 2.26.13

      Bulletproof Kids

      In December, the massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, threw the country into a deep depression, followed by a fiery debate about guns. Companies hawking children’s clothes saw sales skyrocket. One of these vendors, Amendment II...