Italian cuisine


It's Easier To Get Good Pizza In New York Than In Most of Italy

When I moved from Italy to New York in 2011, I thought I'd never find a worthy Neapolitan pizza in the Big Apple. I was wrong.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Action Bronson

Moltissimo: Mario Cooks for Action Bronson & Missy Robbins

In the final installment of the first season of MOLTISSIMO, Mario cooks a Tuscan lunch for rapper Action Bronson and chef Missy Robbins of Williamsburg, Brooklyn's Lilia.
Mario Batali
Italian cuisine

Zucchini Stuffed with Lamb and Mint

Stuff your zucchini with lamb, and then stuff that in your mouth.
Mario Batali

Why This Chef Puts Seawater in His Pizza Dough

“This way of cooking comes from the Italian fisherman,” says Italian-born London chef Mauro Palomba. “They would just scoop up some seawater and use that in place of normal water. There's something so simple and natural about it.”
Laura Martin

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is a Family Affair

The difference between traditional balsamic and the stuff you find at the grocery store is years, at least 12 of them. And ingredients. Traditional vinegar is made only with must (fresh grape juice).
Sasha Gora
Italian cuisine

The Edible Legacy That Arabs Left in Southern Italy

From ingredients like hard durum wheat that led to the development of pasta to the use of nuts in sweets, the food of Puglia is what it is because of Arab influence.
Stephanie D'Arc Taylor

MUNCHIES Presents: Italian Rabbit and Polenta With Danny Smiles

In this episode of Giardinos, Le Bremner chef Danny Smiles gives props to Elena Faita, the godmother of Italian cooking in Montreal. He gets a crash course on a hearty northern Italian rabbit and polenta dish—perfect for Montreal’s brutal winters.
Danny Smiles

What It’s Like to Eat a Three-Course Valentine’s Day Meal Alone

It is 12 noon on a grey Tuesday in the middle of February as I sit here, in a red nylon frock, preparing to eat a three-course Valentine’s Day meal alone. Entirely alone.
Nell Frizzell
Italian Ice

The Best Italian Ice Is Frozen in Time

Founded a century ago, Di Cosmo's Italian Ice in Elizabeth, New Jersey, still makes its famed frozen dessert the exact same way it did in 1915. The neighborhood may have changed, but the ice remains the same.
David Bienenstock

This Restaurant Wants You to Pair Wine with Perfume

Marco Valentini, an Italian living in Mexico, pairs wine with peculiar things: textures, cars, neckties, and tourist destinations. And now he's matching wine with perfumes.
Memo Bautista