Italian Mafia


Here's the murdered Slovakian journalist's last story on the Italian Mafia

The report details the ties between a former topless model, the Slovakian prime minister, and a man with suspected ties to the Italian Mafia.
Tim Hume

The Italian mafia is stealing millions in funds intended for African migrants

David Gilbert

A Brooklyn Murder Mystery Surrounds a Stolen Pizza Sauce Recipe

Louis Barbati, the 61-year-old fourth-generation owner of the beloved Bensonhurst pizzeria L&B Spumoni Gardens, was shot five times in his backyard on June 30 while his wife and two sons were inside his home.
Wyatt Marshall
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New York Murder Mystery: A Body With 'Cement Shoes' Washed Ashore in Brooklyn

As legend has it, mafia hitmen often encase the feet of murder victims in concrete, but some experts suspect this case may be the work of amateur copycats.
Tess Owen

Mobsters Are Getting Whacked Off All Over the Place in Toronto

The recent deaths of two members of Italian mafia families has caught the attention of the media. But what's really going on in Canadian crime?
Jake Kivanc
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After El Chapo: The World's 10 Most Wanted Drug Lords

The DEA's list of wanted drug lords is out of date after the capture of the infamous Mexican trafficker — so we made our own.
Nathaniel Janowitz

What Happened to the American Mafia?

The FBI says that the mob is still an existential criminal threat in America. We asked some former Gambino family soldiers and two La Cosa Nostra experts if that's really the case in 2015.
Seth Ferranti