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Why It's Still Good to Me: Robert Christgau Reflects on a Half Century of Rock Criticism

The critic's new book 'Is It Still Good to Ya?' is out now.
Robert Christgau
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Public Enemy Meant Everything to a Generation of Angsty Teens

Preview an excerpt from writer and critic Juan Vidal’s new book 'Rap Dad: A Story of Family and the Subculture That Shaped a Generation.'
Juan Vidal
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The Man Who Discovered Prince Explains What It Was Like to Discover Prince

Read an excerpt on what it was like to hear Prince before the rest of the world, from 'Famous People Who've Met Me,' a memoir by Owen Husney, the man who discovered Prince.
Owen Husney

These Guys Got High as Hell and Wrote a Massive History of Metal

'Hellraisers: A Complete Visual History of Heavy Metal Mayhem' authors Axl Rosenberg and Chris Krovatin explain the methods behind their metal madness.
Chris Krovatin

Bruce Dickinson Has No Time for Bullshit

But the iconic Iron Maiden frontman, pilot, and now author of a new autobiography did have time to talk with us about writing, politics, and how much he wishes he could disappear sometimes.
Kim Kelly
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'Live at the Safari Club' Is a Starry-Eyed Look Back at D.C.'s Wild Punk Past

Shawna Kenney and Rich Dolinger's new book tells the story of two teenage girls who started a DIY venue and changed the D.C. hardcore scene forever.
Trina Calderón
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Metal Blade's Brian Slagel Looks Back at 35 Years of Metal Domination

Read our interview with the legendary label founder, and check out an exclusive excerpt from his new book on the wild, triumphant history of Metal Blade Records.
Alex Deller
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Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Gives a Tour of His Bookshelf

The frontman and bibliophile takes us through a few books on his reading pile.
Jonah Bayer
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The Salt-Shaker and the Truck: Picturing Prince at 85

On the one-year anniversary of Prince's death, author Ben Greenman shares a piece of unpublished short fiction imagining Prince's life as an 85-year-old man.
Ben Greenman
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Did Charles Manson’s Failed Music Career Lead to the Nightmarish Murders That Rocked the Nation?

A new book looks at the connection between The Beach Boys and Charles Manson.
Seth Ferranti
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That Time Björk's Staircase Blew Oliver Sacks's Mind

“Why, these are basalt stones!"
Noisey Staff

Immerse Yourself in Oliver Wilde’s Woozy World of Pop with “You're So Kool-Aid”

Do you like general malaise but also lit synth hooks? Come hither.
Noisey Staff