Fertility Fraud

Doctors Can Legally Inseminate Patients with Their Own Sperm in Most States

When Matt White learned that he shares DNA with his mother's former fertility doctor—and close to 50 half-siblings—he and his mother began pushing legislators to outlaw fertility fraud in Indiana. Now, victims in other states are following suit.
Leila Ettachfini
Great Barrier Reef

This Underwater Robot Will ‘Squirt’ Coral Larvae onto the Great Barrier Reef to Save It

The LarvalBot is an experimental technology that could revive damaged and dying parts of the Great Barrier Reef.
Sarah Emerson

Cancer Treatment Can Make People Infertile, But Insurance Companies Aren't Always Willing to Help

If young people with cancer want to have kids later, they might have to pay out of pocket for things like egg retrieval, egg and sperm storage, and treatments like IVF.
Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News

The Jarring Experience of Learning You Were Conceived With Donor Sperm or Eggs

"In the beginning my body felt invaded. And I didn’t know who made up the other half of me.”
Louise McLoughlin
reproductive rights

Arizona law says your ex can make babies with your embryos even if you don’t want to

The measure is the first of its kind and has abortion-rights groups concerned.
Carter Sherman

How Long Can Frozen Embryos Last?

We learned this week that a woman gave birth using a 24-year-old embryo.
Olivia Campbell

This Mother's Day, I Want My Wife to Feel Like a Mother, Too

Because I birthed our baby, society sees me as the "mom" and her as my "sidekick." But she's the mother I've always dreamed my son could have.
Laura Leigh Abby

Scientists Grow a Functional Miniature Model of the Womb Lining in Lab

Researchers hope that their achievement will pave the way for new breakthroughs in the cure for endometriosis and infertility.
Sirin Kale
DIY Fertility

Don't Use This Sperm Counter On Your Phone While FaceTiming

There's a new, cheap way to see if your little guys are swimming, and it's on your smart phone.
Grennan Milliken

Crowdfunded Fertility Clinic Lets Women Grow Embryos in Plastic Vaginal Capsules

Effortless IVF offers discount baby-making services.
Alison Motluk
Parental Advisory

Fertility Treatments Take a Toll on Mental Health

Intended parents, sperm donors, egg donors, surrogates…it’s a "complex psychosocial minefield."
Olivia Campbell

Can Playing Trance Music Actually Help Grow Embryos?

We tested the controversial theory on a pair of Magic Growing Snowman.
Kyle MacNeill