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Cops Finally Caught a Woman Who Killed Hundreds of Elephants for Their Ivory

Chinese criminal Yang Fenlan faces 15 years in prison for managing an organized group that poached endangered elephants.
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This is what an ivory bust in New York City looks like

The ivory trade in the US is estimated to be a 23 billion dollar industry — and New York City is its hub.
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In Photos: The Largest Burning of Ivory in History

VICE News witnessed the torching 105 tons of ivory worth an estimated $105 million over the weekend in a bid to highlight the impact of poaching.
Frederick Paxton and Ben Bryant

Kenya Just Incinerated Millions of Dollars Worth of Elephant Tusk and Rhino Horn

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the world's largest ivory burn on Saturday, which destroyed an estimated $150 million worth of trophies otherwise destined for sale on the black market.
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A North Korean Diplomat Accused of Smuggling Rhino Horn Was Kicked Out of South Africa

After authorities in neighboring Mozambique caught the man with 10 pounds of rhino horn stuffed into his embassy's diplomatic bag, he was forced to head back to North Korea.

Even People Who Buy Ivory Think It Should Be Banned

A new survey reveals the motivations and feelings of ivory buyers.
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Director Kathryn Bigelow and Scott Z. Burns Talk About Their New Film 'Last Days'

VICE spoke with the award-winning director and her collaborator, Scott Z. Burns, about their new film on the illegal ivory trade industry, which purportedly finances terrorist organizations.
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