Funny or Die Takes on the Apple Watch

It turns out 33 might be too many "must have" accessories.
Beckett Mufson

Viral Style: Air-Purifying Onesies, Apple Watch Photos, And Magnetized Outfits

Viral Style #66 highlights the week's top tech-inspired fashion, plus the wearable selfie machine you'll use to show it off.
Charlotte McManus
Here Be Dragons

Most of What You Read About the 'iWatch' Was Utterly Wrong

But all the rumors and BS that circulated on tech websites for nearly two years might have been a good thing: It got us talking about science, design, materials, and innovation in ways that we usually don't.
VICE Staff

iWatching Apple: The Biggest Upgrade to Telling Time of All Time

Leave it to Apple to take a dying object, shrouded in pointlessness, and transform it into a deeply meaningful must-have.
Consumer Electronics Man

Viral Style: Conductive Designer Nails And Hardware Store-Inspired Accessories

Scouring dashboards and the URL world to bring you a selection of fashion tidbits in digestible weekly portions.
William Edwin Wright and Charlotte McManus
Motherboard Blog

The Crapjects Are Already Here, They're Just Not Evenly Distributed

As a game system, Google Glass has much more of a weird promise. Imagine groups of gamers re-enacting famous civil disturbances on city streets.
Warren Ellis
Good Morning, Sinners... with Warren Ellis

The Inexorable Rise of the Crapjects

There is a world to come where Google Glasses will exist as a popular game platform. These will turn out to be just popular enough to ensure that Google Glass never gets to be useful and will never be able to give you a good look at the real world.
Warren Ellis
Motherboard Blog

No Wonder Apple Wants to Get into the Smartwatch Business

It's shockingly big business.
Adam Clark Estes