IX Symposium


The Startup That Believes Secrecy Will Harm the VR Industry

"Sharing is what makes the field better."


How the Internet's Collective Human Intelligence Could Outsmart AI

An interview with French philosopher Pierre Lévy on why Elon Musk is wrong about AI.


You Could Turn Your Hike Into a VR Experience With This Experimental Camera Rig

We went to the unveiling of a camera rig that could be the GoPro of virtual reality, according to the scientists who made it.


Virtual Reality Phone Booths Are Already Here

This telepresence system can connect any number of devices to the same virtual world.


This Is the Most Fucked Up Virtual World Ever Devised

Sex with robots and getting beamed up to a giant spaceship.


My Night at the Satosphere, Montreal's Immersive Audio-Video Dome

I saw the premiere of Canadian animator Munro Ferguson’s film ‘Minotaur’—his first film made for a fulldome environment.


Electronic Music Sounds Better Inside an LED-Filled Geodesic Dome

Using both avant-gardist and smart architecture—and experimental sound—artists in Montreal create a disruptive, generative A/V environment.


Montreal's Newest Creativity Festival Brings Electrifying Artwork To Colossal Dome

Three breathtaking new A/V works from Joanie Lemercier & James Ginzburg, 1024 Architects, and Nohista.