Jack Kerouac


The A to Z of Softbois

From the one who makes you watch Wes Anderson on his floor mattress, to the grade-schooler you babysat who can now roll his own cigarettes.


David Bowie and The Clash Were Fans of Derek Boshier’s Art, and You Should Be Too

The British pop art great walks us through his new exhibit to reflect on collaborating with Bowie, tutoring Joe Strummer, and painting iPhones.


The Legendary Letter that Inspired Kerouac to Write 'On the Road' Is Going Up for Auction

The 40,000-word letter by Neal Cassady is said to have inspired Kerouac to adopt his electric, spontaneous style was believed to have been lost forever.


Some Book Nerds Made an Interactive Map of the Most Famous Road Trips in American Literature

It plots out the trips of everyone from Kerouac to Steinbeck to Cheryl Strayed.


I Thought Becoming Jack Kerouac Would Cure My Depression

There are moments in On the Road when the author seems cured of his own mental health issues, so I figured that a freewheeling, weed-smoking experience might have the same effect on me.


Fall Is Here and Teens Are Still Lighting Themselves on Fire

The first leaves are turning color. Like a teen's body, the weather is going through changes. But even as time passes, some weird stunts are apparently too tempting to resist.


Abstract Expressionist Leslie Alfred Created Art with Jack Kerouac. Now He Makes Art with Photoshop

Abstract expressionist Alfred Leslie's new 'Pixel Scores' series explores Photoshop, New York City, and 'The Maltese Falcon.'


An E-Book of Turn-By-Turn Directions Lets You Literally Follow Jack Kerouac 'On the Road'

The only people for this Google e-book are the mad ones.


Remembering My Friend Carolyn Cassady, Late Queen of the Beat Poets

Carolyn, who died last Friday, September 20th at the age of 90, loved throwing rocks at the Beat industry from the sidelines. She was an arch Anglophile, who was the widow of the man who inspired On the Road and Allen Ginsberg’s early poetry...


What was the Hipster? Drunk Jack Kerouac Explains

The apparently interminable and eternally bemused quest to understand the hipster—haha, what is it? Sartorial trendsetter? Early adopter? Idiot on a fixie? Indie tastemaker? Trailblazing consumer?—has now occupied our media for the better part of a...