Jack Kirby


Todd McFarlane Is the Anti-Hero of American Comics

Ahead of the filming of his new 'Spawn' film, the legendary comic book mogul shares his life-long struggle to pursue his artistic and creative dreams.
Wilbert L. Cooper

Everything You Should Know Before Seeing 'Black Panther'

A crash course for the person who knows almost nothing.
Noel Ransome
Garage Magazine

Jess Johnson Selects: Platform Games and Obstinate Monsters

In the first of an occasional series for GARAGE, New Zealand-born artist Jess Johnson selects some of the curious and wayward images and image makers that have inspired her practice, from antique allegorical engravings to psychedelic sci-fi comix.
Jess Johnson

'Black Panther' Could Change the Black Film Narrative

The film that features an almost all-black cast, a black director, and is set in a world that portrays people of color in a superior light is something black people have never seen before.
Noel Ransome

[NSFW] French Comic Book Artist Ouinesh Revives the Erotic Art of the Pinup

The old-timey artform is alive once again in the work of Ouinesh.
DJ Pangburn

Vintage Sci-Fi Comics Are Back and Better Than Ever

Comics were never weirder than they were in the 70s.
Giaco Furino

The Strange Inside Story of the Legendarily Bad, Never-Released Fantastic Four Movie from 1994

The original Fantastic Four movie was supposedly only made to help a German film company retain rights to the characters—but no one told the director.
Mike Pearl
Motherboard Blog

Behind 'Argo,' the Most Outlandish Science Fiction Theme Park That Never Was

While Ben Affleck's teary Best Picture acceptance speech thanked the right Hollywood honchos, there's one person he snubbed that literally made Argo a reality: Barry Ira Geller.
Rick Paulas