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The Occult Sex Magician Who Sent America to Space Is Getting a Television Show

‘Strange Angel’ will tell the story of Jack Parsons, the man who invented rocket fuel and spread the gospel of British Occultist Aleister Crowley.
Matthew Gault

Art as Magic Ritual Gets Explored in ‘Dark Paradise’

In Hollywood, some artists and magicians are meeting up for a three-week long happening.
DJ Pangburn

The Occult Rocket Scientist Who Conjured Spirits with L. Ron Hubbard

Born 100 years ago, Jack Parsons seemed devoted to reconciling opposites, smashing together the technical and the spiritual.
George Pendle
Motherboard Blog

Crawling Back to the Alleged Hell Portal of NASA's Occult Origins

Retracing the homunculus footsteps of Jack Parsons, the eccentric rocketeer, and his partner in magic, L. Ron Hubbard.
Brian Anderson
From the Eye of the Storm

Remembering Curtis Harrington and His Films

I first learned of Curtis's work through my godfather, Kenneth Anger. His trademark was surreal incongruity. He effortlessly mixed horror, black humor, and grotesque glamor in classics like <i>What's the Matter with Helen?</i>, <i>Whoever Slew Auntie...
Zeena Schreck

Brian Butler and Paz de la Huerta on 'Babalon Working'

Thursday night in LA Brian Butler will be premiering his new film, <i>Babalon Working</i>, at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The film, which features Paz de la Huerta undulating sensually amid what feels like the cinematic manifestation of a...
Jonathan Smith
Motherboard Blog

The Hell Portal Where NASA's Rocket King Hung Out With L. Ron Hubbard

We hop a chain-link fence. A riparian zone rich in massive willows and various wildlife, this area is a magnet for hikers, joggers, paranormal enthusiasts, equestrians, graffitists, young people tripping acid, assorted weirdos.
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

Don't Take the Real Walking Tour of the Mysterious Jet Propulsion Lab

It'll take you nearly a day and a walking distance of over 50 miles. That's why.
Brian Anderson