Jackie Dives


Photos of My Brother Overcoming His Opioid Addiction

Amid an overdose crisis in Vancouver, photographer Jackie Dives has documented years of her brother’s drug use and recovery.


Faded Snapshots from Teen Years Spent Lost and Depressed

“So much of my experience has been pretending not to be depressed, instead of figuring out how to live with it.”


The Items Young People Refuse to Throw Out

As many of us prepare to trash a bunch of jelly beans, candles, and other shit we don’t need after the holidays, photographer Jackie Dives looks at the treasured things millennials can’t live without.


Searching Western Canadian Ghost Towns for Traces of Chinese Miners

Century-old records reduced them to nameless slurs, so it takes serious detective work to find the real history.


The Women Changing Canada's Most Infamous Polygamist Colony from the Inside

Bountiful, British Columbia, has been in the news for an ongoing child trafficking trial, but the fundamentalist Mormon settlement is also home to a small group of women leaders who defy stereotypes.


Photos that Confront the Fear and Anxiety of Peeing While Trans

"I just want to pee, wash my hands, check if I have food in my teeth, and leave without being harassed."


Vancouver’s Angriest Punk and Metal Promoter on Battling Slumlords and Hipsters

Wendythirteen has been at war with slumlords, cops, gentrifiers, and hipsters since before some punks were born. For a second time in a decade, she's lost her footing in a changing scene.


Meet the Feminist Comic Artists Who Draw Porn in Public

We chat with comic book pornographers Robin Bougie and Maxine Frank about women-driven narrative, oversharing fans, and what bodies actually look like.


Inside the Tent City That Fought the Government and Won

Campers say they've got nowhere to go, and a British Columbia Supreme Court judge recently agreed—at least temporarily.