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This Video of Dave Chappelle Teaching Will Smith Stand-Up Is Extremely Will Smith

Naturally, Smith got really, really into it.
Taylor Hosking
talk shows

The Smiths Reinvented Celebrity Social Media with a Purpose

Will's YouTube channel and Jada's Facebook show 'Red Table Talk' are refreshing departures from the online celebrity machine.
Taylor Hosking

'Skate Kitchen' Is a Sun-Drenched Love Letter to Skateboarding

Crystal Moselle's new film captures what it's like to grow up through the eyes of an all-girl skate crew.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Black Women Making History

The Skate Kitchen Shows Women of Color That They Can Skate, Too

The crew is making waves with their social media presence and a new narrative feature film.
Allie Conti
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero's Met Gala Fashion Report

Who needs E! when you have the Bodega Boys?
Sarah Bellman

Syria's Academy Award-Winning Cinematographer Was Barred From Entering the U.S. | Last Week in Art

Plus, Leonardo da Vinci’s 'Adoration of the Magi' returned to Florence after a six-year restoration effort.
Nathaniel Ainley

Can Straight People Be Queer?

An increasing number of young celebrities are labeling themselves "queer." But what does this mean for the queer community?
Dora Mortimer

Happy Birthday, Mr. Picasso: Last Week in Art

Plus, a Trump campaign bus becomes contemporary art, Justine Koons makes jewelry, and Justin Trudeau's victory bodes well for starving Canadian artists.
Sami Emory
This Week in Teens

The Detective Who Wanted to Photograph a Teen's Medically-Induced Erection Is Suing for Defamation

He's really upset that a lawyer had the gall to call him "crazy."
Hanson O'Haver

We Asked a Philosopher to Explain That Jaden and Willow Smith Interview

"It seems like he's going off in a bunch of different directions at once—which you might expect, given that he's a child."
Arielle Pardes
This Week in Teens

Two Teachers Got Arrested for Having 'Simultaneous Sex' with a Teenage Boy

Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone! Get it? Like the song.
Hanson O'Haver