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'Starving The Beast': The Women Working To Close a Misused Atlanta Jail

Marilynn Winn, a formerly incarcerated 68-year-old Black woman, wants to repurpose Atlanta City Detention Center into a wellness and freedom center for the local community.
Kimberly Lawson
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New York Is Getting Serious About Closing the Hellish Jail on Rikers Island

After decades of brutal incidents in the notorious jail complex, reformers are getting closer to the ultimate prize.
Drew Schwartz
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What Will the Future of Incarceration Look Like?

We asked experts and advocates what happens when more jails and more prisons isn't the answer anymore.
John Surico
The Future of Incarceration in America

How Do You Sell a Jail?

With ongoing demands to downsize, figuring out what to do with America's massive inmate population is one of the greatest challenges to criminal justice reform.
John Surico
The Future of Incarceration in America

How Do You Close One of the Largest Jails in America?

In 2016, a nuclear option arose when it came to Rikers Island, the notorious NYC jail: Shut the whole thing down.
John Surico
The Prison Issue

How America Became the Most Imprisoned Nation in the World

Over the past 50 years, an era of mass incarceration took shape in the US as politicians raced to erect a sprawling detention system. Today, the country locks up more people than any other on the planet.
John Surico

When Prison Food Is a Punishment

Nutraloaf, a blend of several different kinds of food mashed together and baked into a flavorless loaf, is still served to prisoners across the country.
Kaleigh Rogers

A New Synthetic Drug Is Making British Prisoners Violent and Psychotic

"Black Mamba" is changing drug culture and wreaking havoc in the UK's prisons.
Steve Zacharanda

I Opened a Hostel In Palestine and Ended Up Getting Thrown in Jail

When I went from working with NGOs to the private sector, a crazy business partner and some shady cops nearly derailed my business.
Anonymous as told to Daniel Tepper

The US Prison System Is Shrinking, but Very, Very Slowly

There were a lot of celebratory headlines after Attorney General Eric Holder announced a drop in the federal prison population last week, but the state-by-state numbers tell a more complicated tale.
Matt Taylor

We Went Inside a Maximum Security Prison That's Rehabilitating Criminals

Murder, mayhem, and meditation at Salinas Valley State Prison.
VICE Staff
Pen Pals

Just Close Down California's Prisons Already

California has to reduce its prison population by 8,000 because some judges said so, but apparently it's really hard to let people out of overcrowded cages.
Bert Burykill