Never Drink Cheap Tequila

Good vodka, on the other hand, doesn't have to be pricey.


Birria de Cordero Recipe

Falling-off-the-bone lamb is stewed in a mixture of dried red chilies and Mexican spices. The final result is especially rewarding when eaten with a pile of tender corn tortillas and a cold, dark beer.


Cure Your Hangover with Mexico’s Original Energy Drink

Egg-and-cheese is for chumps. Straight-from-the-udder raw milk mixed with booze is where it's at.


Feast Your Eyes Upon Mexico’s Most Underrated Tacos

The central Mexican state of Hidalgo is rightly famed for its tacos de barbacoa, but Jalisco's version is an experience all its own, packing slow-braised beef into crunchy corn tortillas.


Meet the Mexican Sandwich That Has Brought Grown Men to Tears

Primera Taza’s lonche de lomo on birote salado is only available for one week out of the month.


How the Jalisco Highlands Are Reshaping Tequila’s Reputation

Terroir is just as important to tequila as it is to wine, and agave that grows at a high elevation produces a smoother tequila with more tropical flavors.


The Best Carnitas in the Universe Are in the Highlands of Jalisco

Every bite is meltingly tender on the inside and deeply caramelized on the outside.


This Strange Beer Cocktail Has a Secret Ingredient That Will Cure Your Hangover

Behold, the pachecada: a refreshing, soothing Mexican beer cocktail that is half tejuino (a pre-Hispanic, fermented corn beverage), and half Mexican beer, with fresh lime juice, and a fat pinch of chunky rock salt to round out the beverage’s strangely...


The Best Way to Drink Tequila Is Out of a Casserole Dish

Forget margaritas, tequila slammers, or the frankly terrible tequila sunrise. There’s a much more fun and refreshing way to enjoy Mexico’s most loved spirit: out of a clay casserole dish.


Cartel gunmen abducted 12 people from a high-end restaurant in Mexico

Officials said the gunmen appeared to be targeting members of a rival group when they rounded up between 10 and 12 men from a gourmet restaurant in the Pacific resort city of Puerto Vallarta early on Monday.


My Time as a Mexican Cop Made Me a Better Street Vendor in Los Angeles

Despite the hundreds of taco and bacon-wrapped hot dog vendors in LA out on a nightly basis, street vending is 100 percent illegal there. Meet this passionate street taco vendor who used to be a police officer in Mexico but now makes some of the best...


Hundreds of Addicts 'Rescued' by Authorities from Mexico's Abusive Drug Rehab Centers

Mexico’s authorities provide almost no services for addicts and also rarely do anything to stop the systematic abuse that is common in the country’s many private rehab centers.