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I'm a 26-Year-Old Black Woman and I Love Dave Matthews Band

I'm not what people think of when they envision a typical fan of the band that could be considered the epitome of "white people music," and this is my story.
Char Adams
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The Grateful Dead's Grateful Dads

Outside the Dead and Company's two-night run at Madison Square Garden, we interviewed the ultimate Deadheads: Dads.
Daniel Shapiro
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Animal Collective Are Gonna Keep Being Weird, But Not Too Weird, with "Kinda Bonkers"

New EP 'The Painters' is out this week.
Phil Witmer

Gone Phishing: My Search for Other Female Phish Fans

As an open fan of one the most obsessively followed yet widely despised bands in rock history, I know that a lot of people can't stand the music Phish makes. But what I didn't get was why women, apparently, can't stand Phish more than men.
Cait Munro

Bob Weir's Long, Strange Trip West

The iconic member of The Grateful Dead talks his first solo record in over a decade, fascination with the American West, and how he's still, somehow, searching.
Jeff Weiss
Festival Season!

Inside The Festival Girl's Journey to Document Modern Day Hippie Chicks

Together with photographer Jay Blakesberg, 'Hippie Chick' celebrates 35 years of women at music festivals.
Rachael D’Amore

The Long, Strange Trip of a Federal Prisoner Who Loves the Grateful Dead and Acid

Thanks to mandatory minimum sentencing, Deadheads like Tim Tyler—who has been locked up for almost a quarter of a century—are missing out on the Grateful Dead 50th anniversary shows this weekend.
Seth Ferranti
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Colorado Rages: Big Gigantic on Music, Marijuana, and in Defense of Dreads

Legalized pot does not dampen productivity. Denver is proof!
Kim Taylor Bennett