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The Guide to Getting Into Brian Eno, the Playful Genius

From ambient soundtracks to alien planets to mega-hits fit for supermarkets to, uh, working with Coldplay, the legendary English producer has done it all. Here's where to start.
Dan Gentile

Daryl Hall's 1994 World Cup Song Was So Bad That It Should Be in a Museum

What can Daryl Hall, Diana Ross, OJ Simpson, and a Mancunian indie band teach us about the summer of 94?
Alex Robert Ross

Alex Lawther Is Nothing Like His Character in 'The End of the F***king World’

We talked to Lawther about why the show's oddness is so appealing.
Noel Ransome

"Tomorrow" Never Dies in The Katherines's Seductive James Bond-Esque Video

The Canadian all-female trio return with a sleek and dangerous new visual.
Byron Yan

In Attempt to Make eSports Grow Up, Valve Fires Commentator and Calls Him an Ass

Barrage of off-color jokes finally gets eSports commentator fired.
Leif Johnson

Albert Woodfox of the Angola Three Might Go on Trial for a Third Time

A judge had ordered the 68-year-old, who's been in solitary for most of his life, released from the Louisiana state prison known as Angola in June.
Mike Pearl
Remembering Things

An Emotional and Cultural History of the First Two 'American Pie' Soundtracks

For all its faults, the franchise assembled the optimum musical accompaniment to being young, dumb, and horny.
Emma Garland

How the Angola Three Became National Symbols of Injustice

Albert Woodfox has been in solitary confinement since the 1970s, and he's supposed to be let out this week—but Louisiana is dragging its feet.
Mike Pearl
the vice reader

The Origin of JANE, the Hollywood Cowboy

James Franco wrote us a short story inspired by his upcoming film with Gia Coppola that explores the genesis of JANE, the Hollywood Cowboy—a Ziggy Stardust–style rock 'n' roll Jesus who embodies the best and the worst of us.
James Franco

Confessions of a Failed Writer

Writing the novel proves torturous. Each day brings with it wrong turns, deletions, lacks of energy, depression, and the constant threat of destruction. I vomit out a first draft in five months. Turns out, publishers don't give a shit about how much...
James Nolan
Motherboard Blog

The Year In GIFstagrams

Putting everyone's 2013 in a single file.
Daniel Stuckey
Motherboard Blog

The Intelligence Community's New Tumblr Really Needs Some GIFs

Because right now it sucks.
Daniel Stuckey