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Top CERN Scientist Suspended for Presentation That Argued There Is No Sexism in Physics

CERN suspended theorist Alessandro Strumia on Monday after he gave a presentation at a conference about gender in high energy physics that argued "physics is not sexist against women."
Daniel Oberhaus

Ex-Google employee claims he was fired for being white, male, and conservative

James Damore was fired after his memo went viral.
Carter Sherman
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Is James Damore's Law Firm Preparing a Class Action Lawsuit Against Google?

The firm is looking for employees who have been “defamed/slandered/smeared/blacklisted at Google for political views, or views about affirmative action at Google.”
Sarah Emerson
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Google's Anti-Bullying AI Mistakes Civility for Decency

The culture of online civility is harming us all.
Jillian York
Silicon Valley

Google has funded groups that agree with the anti-diversity memo

Noah Kulwin
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An Edit War Is Brewing on the ‘Neuroticism’ Wikipedia Page After Being Cited in Google Employee’s Memo

"Indeed I myself came to this article after reading about the Google memo, which links to this Wikipedia page directly."
Sarah Emerson

Yes, You Can Be Fired for Circulating Bigoted Ideas at Work

Following reports that Google fired the author of an anti-diversity memo circulating at the company, alt-right activists went berserk, claiming the company had violated the First Amendment. Unsurprisingly, they're wrong.
Kimberly Lawson
Silicon Valley

Google fires employee behind anti-diversity screed

Noah Kulwin