James Foley


Police charge Marine Le Pen for posting images of a beheaded American journalist

"I am being charged for having condemned the horrors of Daesh."
Tim Hume
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The Wild Ride Of Slice Rohrssen, College Basketball's Great Persuader

Barry "Slice" Rohrssen has acted in movies and managed hot NYC nightclubs, but hoops has always been his heart. Now he's the best recruiter in college basketball.
Matthew Giles

‘Jim: The James Foley Story’ Reveals the Journalist Behind the Infamous ISIS Beheading Video

We spoke with the director and the late journalist's friends and family about the new documentary and James Foley's legacy.
Dan McCarthy

Marine Le Pen Could Face Five Years in Prison for Tweeting Photos of Islamic State Killings

The French far-right leader tweeted the images after a French interviewer drew parallels between her party and the Islamic State insurgency.
Lucie Aubourg

After ISIS Killed His Friends, This Guy Founded a Security Firm to Kill ISIS

"Anyone who kills friends of mine has made himself my target. I won't stop until ISIS is destroyed."
David Gilmour
Islamic State

Former British Boxing Champion Charged With Joining ISIS

Anthony Small felt that as a Muslim he could no longer pursue a career in boxing.
Smriti Sinha

US Government Policy Forbidding Ransom Payments for Hostages Is Apparently Not So Strict

Reports the US helped the family of Warren Weinstein as they tried to negotiate with his captors are part of a long history of hypocrisy in hostage policy, a former negotiator tells VICE News.
Liz Fields
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'If it Were Not for Him, it Would Be Somebody Else': Victims' Families Give Mixed Reactions to the Naming of 'Jihadi John'

Mohammed Emwazi, a 26-year-old computer science graduate from west London, was named on Thursday as the masked man featured in the Islamic State's beheading videos.
Sally Hayden

2014 VICE News Awards: Monster of the Year — Jihadi John

The Islamic State's unofficial spokesperson's grim brutality and familiar London accent marked him out as a haunting antihero, a symbol of the group's appeal to disenfranchised youth seeking reinvention.
Ben Bryant
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Islamic State Allegedly Charging $1M for the Return of James Foley's Body

Three sources have said that they would be willing to deliver the body of the slain journalist across the Turkish border.
Sally Hayden
Islamic State

Countries That Pay Ransoms for Islamic State Hostages Might Be in Trouble With the UN

The Islamic State has reportedly received between $35 and $45 million in ransom payments this year alone, and the UN is not happy about it.
Samuel Oakford
Islamic State

Islamic State Video Claims Another US Hostage Has Been Beheaded

New footage released by the militant group shows the mass decapitation of dozens of Syrian soldiers, and claims that American hostage Peter Kassig has been beheaded.
Liz Fields