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Venus or Bust!

Exoplanets May Help Us Understand How Venus Turned Into a Hell Planet

Exo-Venus analogs orbiting other stars can help us learn about how Venus came to resemble the hellscape we know today.
Daniel Oberhaus

Kids Win the Right to Sue the US Government Over Climate Change

A US judge ruled this week that America's youth may hold their government accountable for global warming.
Sarah Emerson

Top Climate Scientist Calls Obama's Climate Initiative ‘Pure Bullshit’

James Hansen calls Obama led climate initiative ‘half-assed.’
Daniel Oberhaus

A Group of Kids Is Suing the Federal Government Over Climate Change

The kids are headed to Washington, and they’re demanding action on fossil fuel emissions.
Melissa Cronin
Motherboard Blog

Is the United States Is Rolling the Climate Dice for Deadly Mosquitos?

In the words of NASA climatologist James Hansen, the globe is now playing with ""loaded climate dice,"":http://motherboard.vice.com/2012/8/6/nasa-s-top-climate-scientist-blames-climate-change-for-this-hot-summer-and-the-one-before-that--2 a term that...
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

Ones and Zeros: Nobody Talks on the Phone Anymore, Newspaper-Fueled Cars, An Artificial Volcano to Cool the Planet

h3. One: Justice Department says 'no way' to "AT&T-T-Mobile merger":http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2011/08/31/technology-mobile-telecommunications-us-at-amp-t-t-mobile_8652135.html (Forbes) h3. Zero: Apple suppliers are "destroying the planet":http...
Ones Zeros