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Oklahoma Republicans Hated When Obama Detained Migrants at an Army Base. They're Fine with Trump Doing It.

They objected when Obama did it, but that was then.
Gaby Del Valle

Obama Administration Issues New Rules on Methane Emissions From the Oil and Gas Industry

Climate change is a legacy issue for the US president and the latest rule is among a growing list of executive actions aimed at cutting domestic greenhouse gas emissions.
Robert S. Eshelman
paris climate summit

Republicans Threaten to Shred Historic UN Climate Agreement

While GOP presidential contenders avoid comment on the international climate pact approved this weekend, Congressional Republicans continue their efforts to overturn President Barack Obama's environmental policies.
Matt Smith
paris climate summit

President Obama Wants Parts of the Climate Deal to Be Legally Binding

Despite opposition in the US Congress to any effort at joining an international agreement on climate change, the president is pushing ahead with a call to hold nations accountable for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.
Hannah K. Gold

The Supreme Court Ruled Against the EPA — But It's Probably Not a Big Deal

Businesses and states say the US Environmental Protection Agency didn't properly account for the cost of implementing rules to limit mercury and other pollutants from power plants.
Darren Ankrom
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The Obama Administration Wants to Clean Up the Airline Industry

American carriers account for 29 percent of global aviation emissions and carbon dioxide pollution from airplanes is set to triple worldwide by 2050.
Rob Verger
tipping point

As Carbon Pollution Hits Record Level, Senator James Inhofe Says Climate Change Is Greening the Planet

Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide hit 400 parts per million in March — the highest level in probably the last several million years.
Matt Smith

Watch Senator James Inhofe Throw a Snowball on the Senate Floor to Prove Climate Change Doesn't Exist

Inhofe says climate change is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people — and he chairs the committee overseeing US environment and climate change policy.

The Most Anti-Science Congress in Recent History Is Now in Session

Scientists and science historians argue that Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and other climate change deniers may be heading up the most “egregiously wrong-headed” Congress in modern times.
Brian Merchant

2014 VICE News Awards: Climate Change Denier of the Year — James Inhofe

The man who said climate change was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people will likely chair the Senate's environment committee.
Robert S. Eshelman

The Republican Triumph in the 2014 Midterms Is Bad News for the Environment

After sweeping GOP victories in elections across the country, the coming Congress is likely to be less environmentally friendly than any in recent memory.
Ari Ratner