James Johnson


How The Miami Heat Caught Fire: The NBA Wraparound

Seemingly draft lottery-bound in December, the Heat have won 12 straight games and could sneak into the NBA Playoffs.


'It's the Last Name Alone that Bonded Us': How James and Tyler Johnson Clicked in Miami

The Heat's James Johnson and Tyler Johnson have been two highlights in an otherwise choppy year in Miami. They have also formed an unlikely off-the-court friendship.


Meet the Guy Who Tattooed Jose Bautista's Famous Bat Flip

FY Ink challenged Blue Jays fans to get a tattoo of Jose Bautista's famous bat flip. They found a taker and did it for free. Scoot Mason of FY Ink is also the defacto go-to guy in Toronto for athletes who need ink.


James Johnson Monster Dunk Off No-Look Pass

Greivis Vásquez and James Johnson capitalize on a turnover to hook up for a sweet no-look pass and thunderous dunk.


Watch 3,000 Cyclists, Runners, and Dancers Become LED Light Paintings

In NVA's short film "Ghost Peloton", a horde of cyclists and runners become LED light paintings. Check out the trailer here.