The Weakest Link

‘This Is a War’: Prisons Want Cell Phone Jammers to Stop Inmates from Communicating With the Outside World

Prisons want jamming technology to stop criminal activity, but critics warn there would be dire consequences if jamming was allowed to propagate.
Cara Tabachnick
All Fronts

Russian Army Gets Specialized Drone-Hunters

The jammer can disrupt an enemy's own signals, potentially preventing ground-based controllers from steering their drones via satellite.
David Axe
Sex machina

Straight Men, Please Stop Your Useless Fingering

To the surprise of many, just jabbing around down there is not an effective way to get off a person with a clitoris. So please, stop using your fingers as temporary dick surrogates and try these methods instead.
Maria Yagoda

Russian Jamming Got You Down? Try Talking Underwater

DARPA is about to test an ocean buoy-based, harder-to-jam comms network for warplanes.
David Axe

The US Military’s Drone-Killing Planes Are Hunting ISIS’s Weaponized Quadcopters

In October, American forces in the Middle East had at least two aircraft capable of jamming radio signals used by insurgents to trigger bombs on the ground.
David Axe

The US Air Force’s Biggest Spy Planes Are Hunting ISIS Fighters

Sporting more than a dozens antennas, the jet’s main job is to orbit above or near the battlefield and scoop up enemy communications chatter.
Joseph Trevithick

How Drones Could Help Hackers Shut Down Power Plants

In the future, cyberattacks on power plants might be done with malware and flying hacker drones.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

"Reversible Concrete" Is Ready to Revolutionize Temporary Architecture

Working with Gramazio Kohler Research, these guys are changing how we think about infrastructure.
Beckett Mufson

Watch Dozens of Cars Go Haywire, Apparently Due to Signal Jammers

Cars honked relentlessly, and their bewildered owners stood around the full parking lot, unable tao enter their vehicles.
Joseph Cox
Motherboard Blog

Air Force Pilots Are Learning to Fly Blind Against Chinese Electromagnetic Strikes

It's one of the greater ironies of today's remote warfare.
Brian Anderson