Japanese cuisine


The Worst Things I Saw While Working in an All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Restaurant

"I've seen nigiri dumped in a potted plant in front of the restaurant. Sometimes even in the bathroom garbage can."
Elia Alovisi
Japanese cuisine

Chicken Butts Make the Best Skewers

London's Jidori restaurant serves the ancient Japanese cuisine of yakitori, chicken poked onto wooden sticks and set over hot coals. “We use every part of the chicken. The liver, the heart, the bum,” says owner Brett Redman.
Laura Martin
Japanese cuisine

This Back Alley Manchester Restaurant Makes Unagi Like Tokyo's Best Sushi Bar

Freshwater eel can be toxic if not cooked correctly, so many chefs simply buy it pre-made and microwave before serving. Not at Umezushi, a tiny restaurant behind Manchester Victoria station.
Ian Jones

This Chef Is Taking Hand-Crafted Japanese Food to the Next Level

Brandon Gray is a renaissance chef-turned-fishmonger at LA's Cape Seafood and Provisions. Instead of settling on store-bought katsuobushi like many others, he is making it in-house and the result is crazy delicious.
Javier Cabral

A Muslim Immigrant in Japan Is on Hunger Strike After Being Fed Pork

A 48-year-old Pakistani man who is awaiting deportation from Japan has begun a hunger strike after he discovered that he was being fed ham at the Yokohama immigration facility where he is being held.
Alex Swerdloff

Ramen Has Finally Arrived in Israel

The absence of pork ramen at Mian Noodles represents the chef's willingness to forgo gustatory greatness in exchange for accommodating Jewish customers’ dietary restrictions.
Ilan Ben Zion

This Sake Sommelier Wants You to Stop Drinking Crappy Hot Sake

Think you don't like sake? Motoko Watanabe of Zenkichi says that's because you've been drinking mass-produced swill that's served boiling hot to mask its crappiness.
Barbara Woolsey

Watch the Mouthwatering Trailer for Season Two of 'The Sushi Chef'

Love seafood? Raw fish? Japanese cuisine? Compelling stories of human triumph and the acquisition of epic knife skills? We're here for you.
Munchies Staff

The Dalai Lama Just Publicly Dissed Japanese Cuisine

The Dalai Lama’s exposure to the deeply rich and celebrated cuisine from the island-nation of Japan has left him seriously wanting.
Alex Swerdloff

'Pasta Sushi' Is All Your Wasabi-Smothered Carb Dreams Come True

“I started to create recipes using raw fish and cold pasta many years ago,” says Moreno Cedroni, the Michelin-star chef behind “pasta sushi” dishes like katsuobushi pasta and maki of quinoa.
Lauren Razavi

Why Japanese Chefs Are Embracing Halal Food

The once isolationist island nation of Japan seems to be pushing forward in a real way to embrace halal-certified food—which is a pretty smart move considering Japan’s relative proximity to some of the nations with the world’s largest number of Muslims.
Alex Swerdloff

San Diego's Sushi Restaurants Have Been Serving Lobster Rolls with No Lobster in Them

The Consumer and Environmental Protection Unit of the San Diego just convicted eight local sushi restaurants for seafood fraud. San Diego will not be putting up with faux sushi.
Alex Swerdloff