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Jared Goff Uses "Halle Berry" Audible and She Called Him Out on Twitter

Goff was heard using the Academy Award winner's name during the Rams game against the Seahawks and the 'Monster's Ball' star wants to know what's up.
Sean Newell

Ric Flair and President Obama Star in LA Rams Audibles

Woo! These Los Angeles Rams audibles are fun.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Greatest Play of a Very Dumb Season: Week 17 of Dumb Football with Mike Tunison

The Bills play (especially) dumb football, the Niners finally clean house, and the Bears win the 2018 Super Bowl.
Mike Tunison
dumb football

Missed Extra Points and Going for Two: Week 11 of Dumb Football With Mike Tunison

The Cowboys are winning, Dak Prescott is anti-littering, and Jared Goff does not the delay the game. The dumb football things from Week 11.
Mike Tunison
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Jared Goff Is Going To Start At The Worst Possible Time Thanks To Jeff Fisher

The move comes three weeks too late.
Aaron Gordon
jeff fisher

Is It Possible the Rams Think Jeff Fisher Is the Only Football Coach on the Planet?

Jeff Fisher got a three-year extension for being worse than average.
Mike Vorkunov

Yasiel Puig Dresses Like a Cheerleader, Sends Video to New Bestie Jared Goff

Yasiel Puig is not a rookie, but he dressed up like one over the weekend and said what's up to an actual rookie, Rams QB Jared Goff.
Dave Brown

NFL Key Performance Indicators: NFC West

What Los Angeles should look out for when Jared Goff and the Rams open training camp, as well as questions that need answers for the Arizona Cardinals, the Seattle Seahawks, and the San Francisco 49ers.
Ty Schalter

Jared Goff Runs into Sam Bradford’s Old Problems in Los Angeles

Even though the Rams are playing in a new city, the issues that have plagued the Rams offense in St. Louis for at least a decade remain. That's bad news for Jared Goff.
Rivers McCown
Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig Kills Jared Goff With Kindness

Yasiel Puig doesn't care that Jared Goff wished him violence. He just wants to be friends.
Sean Newell

Are Jared Goff and Carson Wentz Worth Trading Up For?

The Philadelphia Eagles and the LA Rams have traded up for the top two draft picks in the past week, but not everyone is convinced this year's quarterback class is worth it.
Rivers McCown

Cal Football Is Keeping Berkeley Weird—and It's Good

Coaching oddballs Sonny Dykes and Tony Franklin have combined with lightly-recruited quarterback Jared Goff to put the University of California, Berkeley back on the national college football map.
Michael Weinreb