Elite Scientists Have Told the Pentagon That AI Won't Threaten Humanity

JASON advisory group says Elon Musk’s singularity warnings are unfounded, but a focus on AI for the Dept. of Defense is integral.
Ben Sullivan

SpaceX Fails to Land at Sea for the Third Time

“Even if there is a little fire, it’s not a big deal.”
Becky Ferreira
All in Your Head

The Tale of the Dueling 'Friday the 13th' Video Games

Gun Media emerges as the winner of the competing "Friday the 13th"-inspired video games.
Zack Kotzer
Hell or Salt Water

Meet the Robots Crawling Along the Ocean Floor

Jason can dive deeper than any human and stay underwater for days on end.
Melissa Cronin
vice shorts

Watch 'Game of Thrones' Star Alfie Allen in This Creepy-Ass Black Comedy Short

In the pitch-black comedy short The Body, Alfie Allen from Game of Thrones stars as a murderer who wraps up a corpse and lugs it down London's busy streets and sidewalks.
Jeffrey Bowers
The Photo Issue 2014

Jaimie Warren: 'Self-Portrait as Pennywise the Clown'

Performance artist Joseph Keckler provides some context for the nativity scene Jaimie Warren made for the VICE photo issue 2014.
Joseph Keckler

Jason Harvey Lives Somewhere Between LOL and Serious

The absurdist Canadian video artist is either an idiot or maybe-not-an-idiot, he's not really sure.
Joshua Frank

Like Alien Organs: A Chat With Jason Hackenwerth

I recently had the chance to catch up with the renowned balloon artist, who told me about his newest piece, 'Bang Bang Boom'.
Brian Merchant
The Homo Neanderthalensis Issue

Wooooo Tang

Besides, oh, I don't know, Vice, Wooooo is the coolest magazine out now.
Amy Kellner