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Canada says it wants to stop detaining migrant kids, but it's still locking up 2-year-olds

Despite fostering a reputation of welcoming refugees, Canada has been detaining and deporting migrant children for years. New figures expose the extent, and the severity, of the problem.


The Most Loathsome Winners and Losers of the Canadian Election

Some of them won. Some of them lost. But they're all losers to us.


After Turning Hundreds of North Koreans Away, Canada Now Vows to Accept Its Refugees

The announcement by the ruling Conservatives was made amid a closely fought federal election in a Toronto-area electoral district that is home to a sizable number of Korean immigrants.


Canada’s Defense Minister Talks Fighting the Islamic State, Arming the Kurds, and Cyber Warfare

Jason Kenney sat down with VICE News to discuss many of the issues that are sure to dominate tonight's federal debate on foreign policy in Toronto.


'A Canadian Is a Canadian': Liberal Leader Says Terrorists Should Keep Their Citizenship

The ruling Conservative party leaked audio of the Liberal leader's well-known position days after it emerged that the government has revoked the citizenship of a convicted terrorist.


Canada Just Bought Israel's Iron Dome Radar Technology

A Canadian Armed Forces spokesperson told VICE News that Canada will station the missile defense system domestically and, potentially, within its Arctic territory.


Canadian PM Stephen Harper’s Controversial Vow to Ban the Niqab During Citizenship Ceremonies

The head covering is worn by a tiny minority of Canadian women, but it could become an issue in this fall's federal election


Canada's National Security Advisor Still Suspects Canadian Politicians Are Under Foreign Influence

Richard Fadden, a senior advisor to the prime minister, hopes Canada's controversial anti-terrorism legislation will help quash foreign espionage.


Canada Is Sending 200 Soldiers to Ukraine to Train Troops for Russian Conflict

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a new training mission as Kiev keeps asking for real guns.


The Canadian Military Is Playing War Games Aimed at Russia

At a time when the specter of the Russian military is high on the minds of European countries fearful of the next Ukraine, Canada's Department of National Defense is playing tough with President Vladimir Putin.


Sorry, Kurds, Canada Has No Guns to Give

The Minister of Defence says the Canadian military might ferry another country's arms to the Peshmerga fighters, but its shelves are bare.