Jason Leopold


Why a 60s Band Was Flagged the 'Most Vulgar Thing the Human Mind Could Possibly Conceive'

On this episode of ‘The VICE Magazine Podcast,’ Jason Leopold discusses why the FBI looked into politically charged 60s rock group the Fugs.


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Revisiting one of the biggest scandals to rock Washington, DC.


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According to legend, D.B. Cooper jumped out of a plane somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with $200,000 in ransom money strapped to his body and then disappeared.


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How the Military Is Failing Its Guards at Guantánamo Bay

Navy vet Andrew Turner said he suffers from PTSD after the military left him unprepared for the brutal verbal and physical abuse he endured while serving as a high-level guard at the detention center.


How the Government Monitored Twitter During Baltimore's Freddie Gray Protests

This month's FOIA should serve as a cautionary note to activists using Twitter and other social media to promote their causes.


The Shadowy Process Behind Guantánamo Bay Detainee Release Rulings

With the help of the Freedom of Information Act, we got a look at the secretive process of how Guantánamo detainees are evaluated for a second chance at freedom.