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Phoenix Team Up with Bill Murray to Cover The Beach Boys' "Alone On Christmas Day"

Phoenix drop this cover ahead of Sofia Coppola's forthcoming Netflix Special 'A Very Murray Christmas'—with all proceeds going to Unicef.
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Jason Schwartzman and Alex Ross Perry Discuss Their New Film, 'Listen Up Philip'

In this week's VICE Meets, Reihan Salam sits with Perry and Schwartzman to talk about success, working together on their darkly funny new film, and the pains of changing without growing.
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Sundance NEXT FEST Is Coming to Los Angeles Next Week

Sundance NEXT FEST, a film festival that combines music and cinema, starts August 7th in Downtown LA. Films from Aubrey Plaza, Jason Schwartzman, and Kendrick Lamar are amongst the films screening during the week-long event.
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Jason Schwartzman Talks About Playing a Shitty Guy in His New Movie

Jason Schwartzman, who is, in fact, an absolutely lovely man, stars as the titular cantankerous young writer in Alex Ross Perry’s third directorial effort, Listen Up Philip. The day after Listen Up Philip premiered at Sundance this year...
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Best Of The Rest: The Week In Creativity

New Wes Anderson, Susan Sontaag tank tops, and a billboard that turns air into drinking water.
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Watch M.I.A., Arcade Fire, And More Perform "Live Music Videos" At The YouTube Music Awards

The first ever live show included many epic performances.
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