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Extremely Patriotic Bill Walton Argues in Favor of Weed On ESPN's National Championship Coverage

Bill Walton is dressed as Uncle Sam for some reason but is also making sense about marijuana. Jay Bilas looks scandalized.


When "Never Nervous Pervis" Led Louisville To The Promised Land

The Pervis Ellison Era didn't happen as planned, but thirty years ago he made history, and helped Louisville win a championship, with a historic performance.


Jay Bilas And Oliver Luck Are Going To Debate Paying College Athletes, And It Could Go Like This

NCAA executive Oliver Luck and ESPN analyst Jay Bilas are set to tangle over amateurism. Our resident economist imagines the results.


The Beautiful Joy of Dick Vitale

For the first time since 1979, Dickie V won't be calling ESPN's broadcast of Duke-North Carolina. Here's why that matters.