Jay Rayner


How I Learned to Un-Cook Meat and Make Better Steaks

I’ve worked for some of the best chefs in the world—Marco Pierre White, Alain Ducasse, the Roux brothers—but since cooking on charcoal and live fire, I’ve had to learn to un-cook, to keep things really simple.
Richard Turner

This Chef Is Trolling TripAdvisor with Crazy Reviews of His Own Restaurant

"I wanted to show how bullshit it is," says Gary Usher, the Chester chef whose fake write-up has been praised by food critics including Jay Rayner for exposing TripAdvisor's questionable review screening process.
Daisy Meager

This Inner City McDonald’s Is Decorated with Fake Graffiti and People Aren’t Happy

McDonald’s’ new graffiti-inspired decor scheme has been branded as “offensive” and “poorly thought through” after being introduced in one of its London restaurants.
Phoebe Hurst
jewish food

Jay Rayner’s Quest for the Perfect Salt Beef Sandwich

This is the food of the Ashkenazi Jews—a dish engineered against Russian winters. I love a torn basil leaf as much as the next aspirational foodie but sometimes, only saturated animal fats will do.
Jay Rayner

Examining the Two Men Who Perfectly Represent London's Great Cultural Divide

Famed foodie Jay Rayner and rapper J Hus tell us all we need to know about the changing face of the UK capital.
Clive Martin

MUNCHIES Presents: Challenge Hix

Mark Hix—an OG of the British gastronomy scene—offers MUNCHIES an invite to the legendary "Challenge Hix," which has never been witnessed before by anyone outside his inner circle of head chefs.
Mark Hix

We Should Be Eating Seaweed by the Bucketload

So nutrient-dense and sustainable it's almost silly, it's high time we started looking to seaweed as a regular food source beyond spirulina pills and the stuff found in store-bought miso soups.
Gareth May

The World's Original Biohacker Was Obsessed with Bread

The word "biohacking" might be new, but the idea certainly isn't. Arguably, the movement began in the 1800s, spearheaded by the sex and masturbation-fearing Reverend Sylvester Graham, aka "Dr Bran."
Alice-Azania Jarvis

Why Having the Balls to Dine Alone Makes You a Better Human

One of life's greatest pleasures is a solitary meal. But in the age of the iPhone, we don’t really know how it feels to truly eat alone anymore.
Nell Frizzell