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Sometimes It Sucks to Be Who We Are: Advice from So Sad Today

If you don't think you're going to be comfortable with a polyamorous relationship, you probably won't.
So Sad Today

How I Made Consensual Non-Monogamy Work

My girlfriend was the one interested in the idea of being open; I was duly terrified at the prospect. I asked for a six-month freeze on the non-monogamy plan—which turned out to be exactly what I needed.
Grant Stoddard

Philly Rapper Bri Steves Flashes Her Ferocious Snarl in Her Video for "Miami"

The Philly-based rapper and singer already received a Kendrick Lamar cosign and isn't afraid to play the villain in her latest video for "Miami."
Kristin Corry

People Tell Us About Their Worst Summer Flings

For those of you winding down summer flings this month, beware: it can get messy. Or worse yet, turn into a relationship.
Jesse Donaldson
When Spies Come Home

The Dirty Hackers Who Steal Passwords for Jealous Lovers

Phishing really is a threat when the hackers are closer to home.
Joseph Cox

Jealous Partners Purchase Flashy Garbage, Just to be Seen

A new study finds that partners who experience jealousy are likely to buy attention-grabbing products, like crazy sunglasses—even if wearing them hurts their reputation.
Diana Tourjée

Internet Fame and Crippling Obsession Collide in Coming-of-Age Novel 'Surveys'

Fashion editor Natasha Stagg's debut novel is a harrowing, philosophical meditation on selfies, relationships, and online culture. We talked to the author about her process and her chosen theme: blinding romantic jealousy.
Mish Barber Way

Othello Syndrome: The Women Who Suffer from Morbid Jealousy

Does watching a TV show about infidelity send you into a jealous rage? You might suffer from a little-known psychological condition.
Amber Bryce

Why Does Evolution Want Infidelity to Hurt So Much?

Evolutionary psychology has made attempts to understand why humans hate cheaters so much, but no one has come up with an ironclad explanation.
Matilda Whitworth
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Jealousy, Assault, and a Love Triangle Between Zookeepers

The meerkat expert at the London Zoo assaulted the monkey handler, after she learned that she was romantically involved with her ex-boyfriend, the llama keeper. You can't make this stuff up.
Michael Cuby

Can Pennsylvania Convict a Man for Killing a 14-Year-Old in 1974?

After 41 years, the cops think they found out who murdered Johnny Watson—but will the conviction stick in court?
Nick Keppler

How to Have a Non-Monogamous Relationship

The seminal book on non-monogamy, The Ethical Slut, was published in 1997—but that shit is hard to read. So we made this easily digestible A-to-Z guide to understanding non-monogamy instead.
Monica Heisey