Jean-Claude Van Damme


Jean-Claude Van Damme Was 'Coked Out of His Mind' During 'Street Fighter,' Director Says

Director Steven de Souza described filming the 90s action flick as a total shit show.


Ronaldinho Will Star in Latest Installment of Jean Claude Van Damme "Kickboxer" Franchise

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho will star in a Kickboxer movie.


Amazon Picks Up the Pilot for New Jean-Claude Van Damme Series

The fascinatingly adaptive and resilient career of Jean-Claude Van Damme takes another turn with Jean-Claude Van Johnson, a self-aware and self-deprecating new action/comedy series


"Sudden Death," When Jean-Claude Van Damme Kicked The Pittsburgh Penguins Mascot

Twenty years later, the Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle set during the seventh game of the Stanley Cup Finals is still mostly ridiculous. It's a good thing.


Off Hollywood - David Worth

David Worth is a tough, blue-collar filmmaker whose work as both a cinematographer and director has helped boost the careers of some of Hollywood’s highest-caliber badasses like Clint Eastwood, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Cynthia Rothrock. I sat him...