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Report: Jeter Pushes Jeb Out of Marlins Bid

Bush reportedly only had $20 million to offer, and Jeter wanted to assume more control over the operations.
Sean Newell

Miami Marlins Reportedly Sold To Jeter And Jeb

Yeah Jeets! Welcome to the ownership club (please clap).
Mike Piellucci
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Jeb Bush Made a Surprise Appearance During the Emmys As an Uber Driver

Jeb! may never wind up leading the free world, but he could probably hold his own on a UCB stage or something.
Matthew James-Wilson
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What We Learned from the Latest Ugly Republican Debate

With just weeks to go until the Iowa caucuses, the GOP candidates are ready to claw their opponents' eyes out with the nearest rusty spoon.
John Surico

The Worst Campaign Merchandise You Could Have Bought on Cyber Monday

If you needed more evidence that campaign merchandise is generally terrible and dumb, look no further than the Jeb! Bush "Guaca Bowle."
Drew Millard
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VICE Liveblogged the Third Republican Debate

Live coverage of the GOP's third goat rodeo, hosted by CNBC.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Everything You Need to Know About the Third Republican Debate

Ben Carson and Donald Trump will go head to head in another ritual public flogging for the GOP.
VICE Staff

We Had a Psychic Read the Energies of the Presidential Candidates

A psychic named Don the Love Guru read the energies of the presidential candidates and thinks Donald Trump might bring on a nuclear war.
Drew Millard

​Will Americans Actually Elect a Third President Bush?

Jeb "Jeb!" Bush just officially launched his campaign, after months of being an unofficial frontrunner in the GOP primary.
Grace Wyler