• 1.7.15

      The Barrelman Recipe

      This is Jeepney's house cocktail, named after a Philippine souvenir called the barrel man. When you lift the barrel, his erection pops up.

    • 1.7.15

      Real Tiki Cocktails Should Taste Like an Elvis Movie

      In the 1970s and 80s, tiki drinks got a bad reputation for being too sweet. But a true tiki cocktail should be balanced, complex, use good rum, and instantly transport you to a palm tree-lined beach. I should know, because I'm tiki as fuck.

    • 1.10.14

      Chef's Night Out: Jeepney

      We visit Jeepney, the bustling restaurant in New York City's East Village, to learn what Filipino cuisine is all about. Then we hit the town with head chef and owner, Miguel Trinidad, and his business partners, Nicole Ponseca and Tomas De Los Reyes.

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    • 1.9.14


      Miguel Trinidad, Nicole Ponseca, and Tomas De Los Reyes own Jeepney, a Filipino restaurant in NYC. They made us an epic Kamayan feast, and gave us a hangover we will never forget.