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'Something Close' to the Pee Tape Is Out There, US Senator Says

"It's a standard strategy of Russia," Democratic senator Jeff Merkley said.
Drew Schwartz
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The Left's war plan on Trump's SCOTUS pick: delay until November

As Trump reveals his nominee for the Supreme Court, the fight begins.
Alex Thompson

What Life Is Actually Like for Kids in Migrant Detention Centers

"The whole thing is garbage right now. The kids are not being sent to any parent. It doesn’t make any sense."
Luke O'Neil

Oregon senator slams Gorsuch for 15 straight hours, but it wasn't a filibuster

Alex Thompson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Democrats Say They're Planning to Filibuster Trump's Supreme Court Pick

Unless Trump's pick is named "Merrick Garland," the Democrats aren't having it.
Mike Pearl
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Bernie Sanders Just Earned His First Endorsement From a Fellow US Senator

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley voiced his support for Sanders in an op-ed on Wednesday, breaking with 40 Senate Democrats who have endorsed Hillary Clinton.
Sarah Mimms

Climate Activists Say Keystone XL Was Just the Beginning

There's a new wave of campaigns calling for fossil fuels to be left in the ground, just as world leaders head to Paris to discuss how to get a grip on a warming planet.
Ashley Renders
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The Con-Artist Wing of the Democratic Party

The most consequential event of this young century has been the financial crisis. But is the party of Obama ready to come to terms with its own role in the disaster?
Matt Stoller