jeffrey dahmer

    • 9.3.14

      True Crime Shit

      Aileen Wuornos was a serial killer who murdered seven men while working as a prostitute. You already know that because Charlize Theron won an Oscar for playing her in a movie. These are the prison-issue panties Wuornos wore while awaiting execution in...

    • 4.8.14

      PETA Will NOT Be Turning Dahmer Home Into a Vegan Restaurant

      After proposing to convert Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home into a trendy, animal-friendly eatery, PETA has abandoned the project.

    • 2.27.14

      Humans Have a Long History of Eating Each Other

      Anthropophagy, the technical term for eating thy neighbor, is the ultimate culinary taboo, one that we claim only the criminally insane or starving and desperate participate in. But there is a fourth group, who eat people and live among us, known as...

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    • 5.14.13

      Nivek Ogre Is Totally Doomed

      Nivek Ogre (né Kevin Graham Ogilvie) is best known as the guttural screech that is synonymous with Skinny Puppy, who arguably invented electro-industrial in the early 80s. I recently spoke with Ogre about such joyful matters as the Fukushima meltdown...

    • 5.8.13

      Anton Chekhov Versus Jeffrey Dahmer

      For some reason I think about the cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer every time someone mentions Anton Chekhov, a forefather of the contemporary short story. I can’t help but want to draw them out, to put them together in a cage and watch their...